380 dagu lu – Healthy restaurant

WHEAT | Healthy Eatery was born in a metropolis & is dedicated to all urbanites.

WHEAT’s goal is to help urbanites have and maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s hectic world, without giving up the pleasure of eating delicious, fresh, natural & rich food!
Our healthy restaurant serving freshly-made salads, whole wheat pastas, smoothies, and lean meat plates. They list the nutritional info for each item on their menu -- including calories, protein, and carbs.
Health conscious people will be happy to find that their pre-made cakes have palm sugar instead of cane. They also offer organic coffee and beer, the hollandaise sauce in their Eggs Benedict is butterless, and instead of white rice it's only brown or quinoa.
Expect to spend around 90-120rmb for lunch, and more for dinner.

Come visit us or simply enjoy a meal at our healthy restaurant!
We will be happy to welcome you!