“Jing’an Kerry Centre: The Active Oasis By Socialsupplyshanghai

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Social Supply kicked off September with the second installment of Jing’an Kerry Centre’s Happy Friday: The Active Oasis.

The event featured a wellness market with Nike training (WeFitBox, NTC, Yoga). Market vendors including: Wheat, BottlesXO, Lizzy’s All Natural, Kate & Kimi, Goose Island, 1515, Coco Mojo, JYJ Noodle Bar and Cafe Liang, offered up a variety of healthy drinks and snacks, perfect fuel for post work out! 

Social Supply以开启第二期静安嘉里中心快乐星期五:乐活食集拉开了九月的帷幕。

活动以耐克的训练营(WeFitBox,NTC,瑜伽)为特色。乐活集市摊位有:Wheat、BottlesXO、Lizzy’s All Natural、Kate&Kimi、Goose Island, 1515, Coco Mojo, 金伢居面吧 和Liang咖啡。各种各样的健康饮料和小吃,均能做为完美的健身后补剂燃料!


Check out photos to see the fun!