“Maximise your midday meal at these brilliant new lunch spots” By TimeOutShanghai

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The healthy eatery’s shiny new Fumin Lu location is all a-buzz with energising eats and trendy thirst quenchers. Much bigger than the first location on Dagu Lu, WHEAT is filled with glowing, health-centric diners waiting for their beetroot hummus, pumpkin-kale hash, vegan lentil bowls and organic prosecco. There are salads that come in ‘protein packed’, ‘body builder’ and ‘feel good’, all day breakfasts, a variety of non-dairy milk options for your coffee and DIY bowls where you pick your protein, fibre, veg or carb base, healthy fats and sauce.


For a great lunchtime pick, go for the vegetarian sandwich (65RMB) on whole grain bread with avocado, roasted veggies, feta and house-made barbecue sauce that’s really more like a smoky salsa. If you can’t go a meal without meat, the chicken and avocado sandwich (69RMB) with ‘butterless hollandaise’ – a creamy sauce that’s way better than you think it sounds – is also light, fresh and delicious.

291 Fumin Lu, near Changle Lu, Xuhui district.