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girls - weight loss: 1,200-1300 Kcal
girls - balanced lifestyle: 1,400-1,500 Kcal
girls - muscle gain: 1,800-2,000 Kcal
boys - weight loss: 2,000 Kcal
boys - balanced lifestyle: 2,300 - 2,500 Kcal
(Coming Soon) boys - muscle gain: 2,800-3,000 Kcal
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Disclaimer: WHEAT is not a licensed practitioner of dietetics - WHEAT simply provides customised fitness & well being programs based on personal experiences from its team. Personal results may vary. WHEAT strongly recommends anyone intending to start a new diet or exercise program to first consult a physician. WHEAT | Healthy Eatery explicitly disclaims any and all liability that may result from following the program. WHEAT | Healthy Eatery reserves the right of change in menu items without prior notice.