New Year Resolutions for a HEALTHIER 2018

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Our curated list of resolutions for a healthier 2018. Enjoy the reading and set yourself at least three achievable goals this year! 我们2018年决议清单的策划!享受阅读而今年设定了你自己至少三可实现的目标。
Schedule Calendar Time For Self-care 如何将自我关爱列入每日日程表中
Sometimes, self-care is treated like an afterthought that only happens after everything else on your weekly checklist is complete. Make a resolution to actually schedule time for yourself this year, just as you would a meeting or event. Creating tangible reminders like calendar invites, or phone alerts may help you make moments for self-care amore regular part of your daily routine.
Regularly Detox From Social Media社交媒体定期排毒
2017 survey from the American Psychological Assoczr email — report higher levels of stress. Make a resolution to take a day (or more realistically, a few hours) to disconnect from technology and chill out. This is especially important for people who need to consume a lot of news for their jobs. (Editor’s note: it’s me.)美国的一个心理学协会在2017年的一份调查中发现,那些查验手机短信、邮箱、APP越频繁的人在生活中的压力越大。建议大家选一天的时间(或者现实一些,挑出几个小时的时间)彻底与科技产品断联,充分享受放松在日常生活中。这一放松对于工作中一直需要接受新消息的人们十分重要。(小编心声:此处说的就是我啊。)
Reset Your Sleep Hygiene 睡眠放松保健疗法
Sleep plays an essential role in maintaining physical health, mental health, and overall quality of life; basically, without a proper sleep schedule, everything else can begin to go a bit haywire. Set a resolution to reboot your sleep hygiene, and reset your internal clock if you have not had a decent night’s sleep in a while. You can do this bysimply sticking to a bed time, eating meals at regular hours, and making a few lifestyle adjustments to induce a normal sleep cycle.  睡眠在身体健康和心理健康中都起着至关重要的作用,是衡量生活品质的重心。如果没有高质量的睡眠,生活中其他繁杂琐事将一团糟。现在开始尝试定期睡眠放松疗法,如果您在夜晚长期没有得到足够睡眠时间,是时候考虑重新设置您的生物钟了。在固定的时间吃饭睡觉,根据自己的习惯调整一些生活方式已达到标准睡眠水平。
Eat Slowly And Chew Your Food 10-30 times尝试进餐时细嚼慢咽,咀嚼10-30次左右
Eating slowly has myriad of benefits aside from allowing you to savor the flavor a little longer. But most importantly, it keeps you from overeating.When you eat slowly, you may end up pushing half of your food to the side and saving it for another meal,” explain Pashko, adding that “this simple change can aid in weight loss“. You also should be mindfulof how much you are chewing your food. While you don’t need to count your bites, Pashko says a good guideline is up to 10 chews for soft foods like fruits and vegetables and up to 30 for harder-to-digest foods, like tough meats. “Chewing your food thoroughly will help to produce sufficient stomach acid to aid in digestion and also breaks down larger particles of food to smaller particles that are more easily absorbed by the intestines,” she says.减慢进食速度的益处有很多,不仅是充分享受食物带来的美味更重要的是可以避免进食过度。Pshko表明慢速进食可以帮助人们控制体重,她说“当你吃饭速度慢下来的时候,你的可能吃不完平常的食量,会将剩下一半的食物留在下一顿继续享用。” 还有在进食中,您可以试着数一下咀嚼次数,不是。Pashko建议对于像水果类的软性食物来说需要至少10次咀嚼,而对于肉类这种难消化的食物来说30次以上的咀嚼比较理想。她表示“将食物完全咀嚼后下咽还可以帮助肠胃吸收,相对整块食物而言,肠胃更容易分解小份食物的营养成分
Make More Time For Breakfast给早餐多一些时间
You’ve probably heard this your whole life, but breakfast is important. Whether you’ve got weight-loss goals or you’re trying to add more protein to your diet, there are so many options for making breakfast easy and stress-free (hello, make-ahead meals).早餐很重要已经不是秘密,无论您是打算减脂还是增肌,都可以根据个人目标调节您的早餐,让它变得健康无压力。(行动起来,现在就来计划您的饮食吧。)
Throw Your Scale in a Dumpster扔掉家中的体重秤
And then burn it. Honestly, if you haven’t set your scale on fire yet, are you really living? While it might be a helpful tool now and then for weight loss, there are so many ways to measure your success without that infernal tool. The number on the scale means nothing, and in fact, if you are also partaking in the weightlifting New Year’s resolution, that number might go up thanks to compact, heavy muscle.烧掉您的体重秤,检验身体状态的方式有很多种,不要将自己禁锢在邪恶的数字之中,你的体重其实并不能反映身体情况。这个新年开始负重运动吧,您将收获高密度的肌肉、紧致的皮肤。
Start Weightlifting开始举铁之路
We’re particularly excited about this New Year’s Resolution, because we know first-hand how much weightlifting can change your life — and your body! You’ll boost your metabolism, feel so strong and empowered, and create lean, powerful muscle that will impact your everyday movements and life (walking up flights of stairs will feel completely different!). It may seem intimidating at first, but just start small and work your way up until you build strength.今后的您会为今年做出举铁决定感到庆幸,因为我们意识到举铁将改变您的生活体状态新陈代谢的提高,力量性的增加,控制力的强化。精瘦而又强壮的肌肉将影响您每天的日常生活(就连上楼梯都会和以前感觉不一样。)文章前的您可能觉得不可思议,那就慢慢尝试着开始吧,感受强壮身体带来的变化。
Travel More定期旅行
Did you know Australians are some of the world’s worst at taking all their annual leave days? We leave an average of five days unused each year. Just think about what you can do with that — visit beautiful places, experience different cultures, discover a new cuisine. Make 2018 the year you’ll finally see the world, or explore your own backyard.您知道澳大利亚人是世界上最不会利用年假的人了吗?我们平均每个人每年都会有5天没用上的年假。想一想5天的时间你能用来做什么呢?去一些心旷神怡的地方,体验不一样的文化,探索当地美食。2018年是要去看世界还是逛家里后院,由您自己决定。
Plan Ahead For Meals & Snacks提前计划餐食和零食
If you’re not already meal prepping, 2018 is your year to start! One of the best tips for weight loss and maintenance is to plan ahead for meals and snacks. Spend a few hours each weekend readying for the week ahead. Slice and chop vegetables for snacking and cooking. Batch cook rice, quinoa, beans, and meat. Boil eggs and wash fruit. You’ll be ready to pack lunches, whip up dinner, and keep that “hungry” feeling at bay. But, if you’re too busy and tired for all this meal planning, you know we are here for you ALL YEAR round!如果您的还没有开始饮食计划,这个2018是时候开始准备啦!减脂和保持体形的很重要一点就是提前计划每一餐饮食和零食。周末花一些时间,准备些新鲜蔬菜大展你的厨艺吧,煮上米饭,添加一些藜麦、豆类和肉类。水煮鸡蛋新鲜水果也不能少。准备好你的营养午餐,准时开始晚餐计划。让饥肠辘辘远离你!如果平日里忙碌的您疲惫与在厨房周旋,我们全年无休一直在这等你!
Bounce off the holidays weight, get ready for Chinese New Year break and remember summer bodies are made in WINTER.

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