“Shanghai Healthy Eats” By Shanghaista

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Shanghai is so ridiculously amazing when it comes to food and restaurants. It’s so easy to accidentally let your eating get out of hand here, haha! Luckily, restaurants with healthy concepts have been popping up around town for a while now, making it easy and fairly affordable to eat consciously. 

Here are a few of my favorites for delicious healthy Shanghai eats:

1. Topping the list is Wheat Healthy Eatery. I used to only get home-delivery from Wheat (not that that’s a bad option either), as their restaurant was located a bit off from where I live in the French Concession. Then, a couple of months ago, came the best news ever: Wheat was opening a second branch in the hot corner of Fumin Lu and Changle Lu, only steps away from my house! This has been my new everyday lunch and hangout spot ever since the soft opening a few weeks back (so much so that I now call it “The Office”). The interior is gorgeous, making it such an inviting and nice space to meet up friends or get some work done.