Resolutions & 2018 Meal Plan Challenge | 决心&“重启”膳食挑战计划

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Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something.  决心:做或不做某事的坚实决定(其实也就是立) However, interesting fact:  By January 8th, some 25% of resolutions have been forgotten. And by the time the year ends, less than 10% have been fully kept. 虽然每到新年,我们都会立下很多,但残酷的事实告诉我们,只需一周,到1月8号就有四分之一的会倒下。而到年末,往往只有10%的屹立不倒。 Nonetheless, New Year’s Eve is a time to set new objectives for a better-self: eat […]

Post-Golden Week CHALLENGE – 黄金周节后挑战赛,喊你来战

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Get in track after the holidays with WHEAT’s Meal Plan Challenge starting Oct 16th at GREAT prices: 4 meals a day from ONLY 175RMB/day! 节后胖三斤?快来参加WHEAT膳食外送挑战计划,去掉小肉肉吧!10月16日开始,豪礼相送,每天只需人民币175元哦! . WHAT? | 什么?我没听错吧! 4 healthy- nutritionally rich & portion controlled meals a day: breakfast – lunch – afternoon snack – dinner to help you reach your goals, get back in […]

The ‘PERFECT’ Diet 何为“完美”饮食

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Several different diets have been embraced and abandoned soon. Why? 市面上各种饮食方法层出不穷,令人眼花缭乱,消费者总是爱之欢欣,弃之果断。一时间,饮食竟如时尚一般令人捉摸不透,这究竟是怎么回事?   They are so many diets that it has become impossible to know which one is good and which one is bad: Some are profound defenders of no carbs or no fats, others are for low carbs or low fats, others for high carbs […]

“仅限3天!终极梦幻潮爆的火烈鸟网红冰品派对来了!” By 上海小资美食

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2017上海小资美食甜品季 三重奏之二 冰 与 火烈鸟 之夏 @ 虹桥南丰城 丰尚街 网红冰品快闪派对 2017年9月1日(周五)15:00-20:00 2017年9月2、3日(周六、周日)13:00-18:00 . WHEAT . . . Wheat是给注重健康和身材的人打造的一间食肆,主厨只用特级初榨橄榄油和椰子油来烹饪,不对食物进行任何深加工,特别适合健身或喜欢健康饮食的朋友!新鲜、绿色、有机的各种食材,轻食主义者的最爱就是它! 手环优惠:现场及9月底前到店消费可享9折优惠 . . SEE FULL ARTICLE

“Shanghai Healthy Eats” By Shanghaista

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Shanghai is so ridiculously amazing when it comes to food and restaurants. It’s so easy to accidentally let your eating get out of hand here, haha! Luckily, restaurants with healthy concepts have been popping up around town for a while now, making it easy and fairly affordable to eat consciously.  Here are a few of […]

“Jing’an Kerry Centre: The Active Oasis By Socialsupplyshanghai

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Social Supply kicked off September with the second installment of Jing’an Kerry Centre’s Happy Friday: The Active Oasis. The event featured a wellness market with Nike training (WeFitBox, NTC, Yoga). Market vendors including: Wheat, BottlesXO, Lizzy’s All Natural, Kate & Kimi, Goose Island, 1515, Coco Mojo, JYJ Noodle Bar and Cafe Liang, offered up a […]


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WHEAT|诞生在一座大城市并努力为生活在这座大城市里的所有都市人服务。WHEAT的目标是在当今繁忙的世界上,帮助每一位都市人保持健康的生活方式,享受新鲜美味、自然丰富的食物!这不仅只是一项膳食计划,而是一种生活方式,WHEAT|想通过提供全年的都市健康饮食来帮助你实现这种生活方式-可以是在我们的任何一家门店,或配送到你家门口! 这不仅只是一项膳食计划,而是一种生活方式,WHEAT|想通过提供全年的都市健康饮食来帮助你实现这种生活方式-可以是在我们的任何一家门店,或配送到你家门口! 我们的每一餐及果汁均采用新鲜、绿色或有机的原料-我们的每一款葡萄酒、啤酒、咖啡及茶都是有机的-我们的每一道菜都是由有机及特级初榨橄榄油烹饪而制或者由其他更健康的食材取而代之-我们所有的产品都具有一级的品质及上乘的营养价值-我们所有的菜单包括一切宏观营养信息和卡路里计数-最后,不可被遗忘的是:我们的每一道菜都美味无比。 WHEAT|还致力于减少世界塑料品消耗……为了享有一个更美好的明天,请从今天开始帮助我们一起“减少”!WHEAT使用可生物降解的外卖包装,可回收纸质菜单,不锈钢吸管,提供回收外卖塑料袋和塑料瓶服务,而且顾客也可选择购买可带走的玻璃杯来取代塑料杯。   WHEAT|还专为你量身定制个人膳食计划,并每日送餐至你手中,帮助你在享受健康带来的益处时,更快地实现肌肉发展及瘦身的目标。   与WHEAT|一起,健康、快乐地生活…… 门店地址:上海徐汇区富民路291号 上海静安区大沽路380号 SEE FULL ARTICLE

HEALTH is the New WEALTH! 健康是新的财富!

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Think about this question: Is it relevant to have financial and personal success if you don’t have a good health? During how many years do you think you can enjoy your success if you suffer from health problem or disease? Good questions, right? 考虑一下这个问题:如果您身体不够健康,会不会影响到您的物质财富和个人成功?如果您遭受健康问题甚至罹患癌症,您觉得您还有多少时间去享受您的成功呢?这是个好问题,对吧?   Health is not something anybody can have for granted; and […]