New Year Resolutions for a HEALTHIER 2018

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Our curated list of resolutions for a healthier 2018. Enjoy the reading and set yourself at least three achievable goals this year! 我们2018年决议清单的策划!享受阅读而今年设定了你自己至少三可实现的目标。 Schedule Calendar Time For Self-care 如何将自我关爱列入每日日程表中 Sometimes, self-care is treated like an afterthought that only happens after everything else on your weekly checklist is complete. Make a resolution to actually schedule time for yourself […]

How to add 10 years to your life? MEAL PLANNING! 想多活十年?从膳食规划开始!

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Meal planning: One of the easiest way to eat healthy all by yourself! 膳食规划:一个最简单的方法,让自己吃得健康! Do you know how to simply save money & time, eat healthy, have less stress and live longer at the same time? Let me tell you a secret: meal planning is the key! Meal planning is an essential part of a healthy diet. If you’re […]